Defence Packaging

Professionals in the supply of support services to the defence industry. Defence packaging you can trust

Performance Defence Packaging:

MPAS & ISO 9001:2015 accredited to design and manufacture defence packaging.

Our design team includes members who have extensive knowledge covering all Defence & Mil. standards.

We design, manufacture, supply and protect items, of any size, shape, fragility factor, hazard and complexity in all environments.

– multi material converter: corrugated, foams, metal, plastics, solid board, textiles, wood

ammunitions and explosives packaging.

 repair and refurbishment services.

 packaging components and related services in support of conventional munitions
Defence Packaging 2

Defence Packing:

Specialist teams dedicated on or off -site, covering SPIS packing of components to trade, military and export standards.


Logistic Support Services:

 secure on and off-site storage

 flexible warehousing, storage and distribution


 inventory management

 component kitting

fulfilment services

picking packing & despatch

 shipping administration

 transport management


Spares & Reverse Logistics:

Managing the collection, storage, and forwarding of serviceable and unserviceable spares.


Technical Services:

  Defence packaging design using the latest software

expert knowledge of defence & mil. standards

 post design services and packaging support

SPIS library and document management

 tailored IT solutions and interfaces