• Make your DG goods Safe to Ship


Transport your dangerous goods safely

Packaging, packing materials, training & consultancy for the handling of dangerous goods via air, road & sea.

includes UN approved packaging and dedicated products
and training courses for shipping Lithium Batteries

helping to eliminate the danger

Bringing together expertise in design, manufacture, and supply of packaging to aerospace,  oil & gas, electronics, advanced,  engineering and military markets with specialist solutions for the shipping of dangerous goods (DG) including products for airlines.

We stock:

  • UN approved ATA Spec 300 Cat I, DOT 31 FP cases for O2 cylinders, generators, PBE’s, PSU panels
  • UN approved packaging solutions for explosive material, lithium batteries, chemical products and many others
  • Dangerous goods labels, placards, DG regulations, documentation, and publications
  • DG contract packing
  • DG boxes & packing materials
  • We provide design and testing services


DG training courses (including):

  • ICAO training
  • General DG shipping awareness
  • Shipping regulated & excepted lithium batteries

DG Consultancy:

  • General advice
  • Setting up systems to ensure ICAO compliance
  • Audit/inspection of shippers, freight forwarders, handling agents & operators
  • Preparation of papers for international meetings & presentations at seminars
  • Development of procedures to comply with the IATA DGR (dangerous goods regulations)
  • Evaluation of products against the DGR
  • Audit of overseas stations



Do you need advice about Dangerous Goods products or procedures?

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